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Dominating at Sea and on Land

The Triassic was the age of reptiles. Since the Early Triassic, several reptile clades have re-adapted from land back to the sea and diversified by occupying various ecological niches. Best known are the nothosaurs, some species of which reached up to five metres. With their long snouts with pointed teeth they were specialized fish and squid hunters. A broad skull with blunt teeth proves Simosaurus as a predator adapted to crush hard-shelled food. Even more specialized durophagous reptiles were the placodonts with their pronounced flat crushing dentition. The large pelagic ichthyosaurs went rarely astray into the Muschelkalk Sea. Hence, their bones are rarely found. Top predator of the hinterland was the high-walking terrestrial crocodile Batrachotomus, which is best known from Lower Keuper localities of the Hohenlohe country.