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Hohenlohe quarry companies promote science

Quarry managers have always been interested to see what fossils can be found in their quarries. Scientists are also aware of the role that the quarry industry plays in the discovery and preservation of these records of Earth and life history.

The Alberti Foundation allows quarries of the Franconian North of Baden-Württemberg to support the dissemination of palaeontological collections and research. It was established in the Ingelfingen town hall on April 17th 1998 by 20 Muschelkalk quarries. This allows the quarry industry to significantly contribute to the progress and popularisation of palaeontology.

The nonprofit foundation is setup to promote scientific research in palaeontology. The Alberti prize is awarded for scientific publications or efforts that focus on research collections, documentation and exhibitions predominantly in the Franconian North of Baden-Württemberg. The prize money is drawn from the revenue of the endowment fund in recognition of individual projects. It is awarded bi-annually. The Alberti Foundation is based in Ingelfingen, the former residence of the Princes of Hohenlohe. The town of Ingelfingen is situated in the Kocher valley between forests and vineyards. The surrounding area is well known for its wines and high-tech industrial products.

Additional founder

Friedrich Schumann GmbH Muschelkalksteinwerk, Vellberg-Eschenau